Key Features No shrinkage – There is a very minor extension when the pipe gets hot; PE-RT pipe has a thermal expansion coefficient of 1.95 *10-4 /K at 20-70oC and when the pipe cools down again it goes back to its original dimension. Enhanced strength – with increased resistance to pressure Pressure tests have shown […]

Mixing Unit

Key Features Adjustable temperature range from 20o C to 70o C making it suitable for screed drying purposes Thermostatic mixing valve with a remote sensor for accurate control of flow temperature Easy to use the thermostatic head with temperature locking feature Flow increase valve to increase the flow rate for larger manifolds/heat outputs Built-in non-return […]

Premium Steel Manifold


Flow gauge with 0-5 l/m indicators 22mm outlets for pipe housing 1″ female threaded en AAV (auto-air vent) Manifold Bracket 0-10 Bar Manifold Pressure Gauge Drain Valve Product Details The Tio premium stainless-steel manifold is a preassembled unit for use within either underfloor heating systems or with wall hung radiator system. The unit is pre-assembled, […]


Tio has a range of thermostats from the high end TioSMART range of wifi enabled apps that link with the world class multifunctional Tuya and smartlife ranges. To  just programmable 5 + 1 + 1 options and  also basic dial stats. TioSMART App based controller, compatible with both the Smartlife and Tuya apps Available in […]

Wiring Centre

230v 8 zone wiring centre, designed specifically for use with hydronic underfloor heating systems. The unit has easy LED indications to identify active zones, in addition to pump and boiler indicators. There is an independent pump/boiler interlock functionality.  The unit has an internal safety warning flashing light to indicate it is powered and functioning correctly. Technical Data Power 240V […]


The Tio Actuator is available in 230v and 24v, please use the appropriate product for your supply.The unit comes with live and neutral wiring with easy clips for clean installation into the Tio wiring centre.A quick reaction wax capsule is fitted within the unit to allow for reduced reaction times of >1 minute for the […]