Living with Underfloor

If this is the first time you have experienced underfloor heating (UFH) in your home, it can be a little different from the conventional radiators you may have been used to in the past.

Here are our top tips for getting to grips with underfloor heating


Getting to know your thermostat is one of the most important parts of living with UFH. Although reaction times are much improved now, through the various different floor systems UFH can be installed with; it still doesn’t give that instantaneous quick warmth that you may have come accustomed to with your ‘old’ system. The days of going to click the thermostat and then waiting with your hand on the radiator have moved on somewhat.

The key is making UFH work around you and your lifestyle. With this in mind we suggest you install programmable thermostats as a minimum, with the more tech savvy further opting for Wi-Fi and or app based thermostats. All of these can be programmed to work around your lifestyle, in order to achieve that ambient temperature you wish for from the moment you walk through that door.

Thermostat angle

Not many things, despite what you may have been informed of, are maintenance free and UFH is no different. 

Much as you may require your boiler or heat pump to be serviced every year, we suggest getting a competent installer to give your UFH system a review at least every two years. This means smaller preventive maintenance measures can be achieved, instead of costly reactive maintenance measures where systems have been neglected.

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Floor coverings

Whilst the most common floor covering when using UFH is tile or natural stone, your options are not limited to these. 

The design, thickness of finish, how it is installed, level of screed and insulation can all be adapted to make it work appropriately.

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