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Key Features

  • No shrinkage – There is a very minor extension when the pipe gets hot; PE-RT pipe has a thermal expansion coefficient of 1.95 *10-4 /K at 20-70oC and when the pipe cools down again it goes back to its original dimension.
  • Enhanced strength – with increased resistance to pressure Pressure tests have shown that the Tio 3 layer composite pipe is resistant to a higher pressure than pipes with an equal wall thickness without an oxygen diffusion barrier (even at high temperatures). EVOH is durable and has a melting point of over 150°C.
  • Increased flexibility – With PE-RT multilayer pipe there is no need for the additional cross-linking process; so the pipe has greater innate flexibility and the pipe becomes more bendable making the installation of the underfloor heating pipework much easier.
  • Oxygen diffusion barrier – this is protected resulting in a long life span The EVOH layer is protected by the PE-RT and adhesive layers which prohibits the oxygen diffusion barrier being negatively affected by damage and moisture. The TiO composite 3 layer pipe has practically no oxygen exchange and this state remains stable as the oxygen diffusion barrier layer (EVOH) is protected. The oxygen permeability is below 0.01g/m3 d which is considerably below the DIN 4726 requirements of 0.1g/m3 d. The excellent properties of Dowlex are further improved by the integrated EVOH layer. Weldability thanks to the non-crosslinked structure with the appropriate equipment the external layer of PE-RT can be welded.

Technical Data

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