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Premium Steel Manifold

manifold tech 1
  • Flow gauge with 0-5 l/m indicators
  • 22mm outlets for pipe housing
  • 1″ female threaded en
  • AAV (auto-air vent)
  • Manifold Bracket
  • 0-10 Bar Manifold Pressure Gauge
  • Drain Valve

Product Details

The Tio premium stainless-steel manifold is a preassembled unit for use within either underfloor heating systems or with wall hung radiator system. The unit is pre-assembled, complete with an auto air vent (AAV), 10 bar gauge, flow metes with 0-5 l/m indicators and fill and drain valves.


Pre-assembled flow and return manifold bars to save installation time.


Compatible with various pipe sizes up to 20 mm.


Integrated filling and drain of valves ease long term maintenance.

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Technical Parameters

The Tio manifold has a standard UK distance of 210mm between the flow and return bars. This makes the unit versatile with various mixing units. The unit has a spacing of 50mm between each port from the centre point. This enables various pipe sizes and materials to be installed. For ease of installation, we recommend no larger than 20mm be installed with the Tio manifold connectors. The unit has 1″ threaded inlets to house isolation valves. We recommend when installing with the TIOMIX0003 mixing unit that a captive universal nut be used for fixing. 

The bottom rail has a modulating pin that can be either manually adjust with the white adjusting caps, or to achieve electronic control an actuator can be installed. 

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Manifold Sizes

The manifolds width is dependent on the number of ports that are required. 

The below table indicates the number of ports and the correlating width of the manifold.

Number of PortsLength (mm)
manifold tech 4

Quality and Testing

We have a rigorous quality and testing procedure. Every manifold is pressure tested in the factory setting. This is then independently tested by our UK testing partner BSRIA. 

Manifolds are tested to an operating pressure of 8 bar. Leak testing is then performed independently in the UK in accordance with BS EN 442-1:2014. This is a heating appliance means of leak detection test that requires a 1.3 times the testing pressure. This meaning an 8 bar manifold requires testing of 13.52 bar. 

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manifold tech 6
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